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Buyers Guide: Office & Commercial Intercom Entry Systems

8 Budget-Friendly Intercom Alternatives to Try in 2023

intercom vs front

These options offer similar features and functionality to Intercom, at a more budget-friendly price. Unlike Missive and Help Scout, the platform uses a ticketing system for every customer inquiry to help your team prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets. The feature also makes it easy to ping someone from the sales team, for example, to get some help. Missive also offers rules to automate workflow, such as round-robin assignments to only online members, SLA rules, auto follow-up, and more. Missive’s team and assignment feature allows you or any team member to assign specific people to specific conversations, so it’s easy to know who is responsible for handling them. Collaboration goes a step further with real-time draft collaboration with team members.

Drift can also be a great option if you wish to automate your customer service process. You can deploy AI-powered chatbots on your website and deflect tickets with the knowledge base integration. Freshdesk, a product of Freshworks Inc., is a modern customer support software that converts inquiries from email, web, phone, chat, messaging, and social media into unified tickets. It is designed to enhance customer service and drive sales for businesses with a user-friendly design. Crisp is an all-in-one customer support platform that facilitates instant connections between businesses and their customers.

HubSpot is trusted by over 121,000 businesses in more than 120 countries.

They’re an essential component of security and help to stop unwanted and unauthorized individuals from entering the building. But the nuances across the different technologies, hardwares and integrations can be confusing. The added convenience and security provided by front door intercom systems can also help to increase resident satisfaction levels and add value to the property. Alternatively, many modern intercom systems are cloud-based, meaning all management, maintenance and update functions are applied automatically by the cloud service provider.

intercom vs front

However, it doesn’t have integrations with  Magento and BigCommerce. Before we begin to break down the similarities and differences, let me share a brief overview of both the tools to set the context. We also understand that they are our competitors, and so we have taken the utmost care to provide our readers with an unbiased analysis while comparing the two tools.

Experience the Magic of Intercom AnywhereIn a Control4 Showroom

Help Scout promises a well-rounded customer support solution – and it delivers. There are some use cases that might not feel intuitive, depending on what your team needs. Front also supports social channels and SMS so customers can get in touch using their favorite channel. Customers expect fast responses to queries on all channels, and Front’s social media integration helps your team offer those quick answers. These are just a few examples of the positive feedback we’ve received from our users.

Just want to check if anyone also using UChat, I would like to discuss what features do you use from UChat, as it is such powerful chatbot platform. When the company started in 2015, it used Intercom for live chat. However, as Monese grew and eyed a European expansion, it became clear that the company needed to centralize data in a single solution that would scale along with them. As you can imagine, banking from anywhere requires a flexible, robust customer service experience.


Moreover, by deploying NPS, CSAT, CES, and custom surveys, you can gather valuable feedback and build a better customer experience. Remember, the decision to switch from Intercom to an alternative should be based on a thorough assessment of your specific objectives, team dynamics, and customer engagement goals. While Intercom offers a range of features and benefits, there are several compelling alternatives to Intercom that cater to diverse business needs and preferences. is a messaging and customer management software that facilitates customer communication and transactions. Zendesk Suit offers a free trial with access to all features on the Support Professional plan. It uses ChatGPT’s language abilities to have quality conversations with visitors.

intercom vs front

If you’re looking for a support platform that gives you a better way to help your customers using email, chat, and a knowledge base, Help Scout was built for you. Its familiar, collaborative interface powers service and support teams of all sizes to acheive the efficiency of a helpdesk with the familiarity of email. They let you to speak with your visitors face-to-face from remote locations and thanks to outstanding audio capabilities, you can be sure to hear the conversation clearly. They also include accessibility features for hearing impaired individuals. Plus, models with an integrated access control reader (RFID) allow for secure, hassle-free physical access to premises for employees and known visitors.

The platform gives your team a 360-degree view of all customers and enables you to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized service. Moreover, with Salesforce Service Cloud, you can create a connected knowledge base, enable live chat interactions, and manage case interactions – all on one platform. Integrating Intercom and Front using Appy Pie Connect is a smart choice for any business looking to streamline their workflow and increase productivity.

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The goal of this isn’t to compare the two from a product standpoint—our goal is to compare them from a marketing strategy standpoint. Gain access to exclusive research, training, trends and support from the best marketers in the world. Our culture is open, friendly, and inclusive – and this is something we are proud of. We like to experiment, sometimes inventing things for the first time, but we stay pragmatic, starting small and simple in everything we do. We want to help people grow and do the best work of their career and we want everybody to work with co-workers who value kindness, optimism, and positivity. The system will then need to run some vigorous testing to ensure it’s working effectively, all stations function correctly and the audio and visual elements are of an expected quality.

They are installed at each entrance used by visitors – front doors, main entrances, car park entrances or barriers and entrances to gated communities or industrial sites. However, remember that an electromagnetic lock would be open when the electricity is cut off. Secondly, it is worth thinking about the safety of the security system itself. An undeniable advantage is that you don’t have to go out in winter and open the door to visitors. As discussed above, looking for the right alternatives to Intercom only makes sense.

It means that no matter how many Shopify stores you have, you can manage support for all of them from a single place. And features like ticket assignment, private notes, mentions, and tags help you do just that. You can do this by setting rules to do things like automatically assign, close & tag conversations, mark conversations as priority etc. And you want to be able to respond to conversations across channels from one single dashboard. Furthermore, agents can leave internal comments on any conversation to discuss the best course of action, as well as tag more experienced colleagues to ask for help. Alternatively, they can also draft entire responses and share them for feedback before replying.

The ‘Grow’ subscription starts from $119/mo and includes 5 seats, with each additional agent seat costing $19/mo. Sure, you’ll be able to use it for live chat, email automation, targeted messages, and help center. However, it doesn’t include custom bots, product tours, or account-based marketing functionality. Both Intercom and Drift share some must-have features like live chat, knowledge base, and email automation, even though Drift positions all their features from a sales and marketing angle.

intercom vs front

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intercom vs front