Non classé

Rappin’ Legal Advice

Yo, listen up, I got the legal lowdown
Gonna drop some knowledge, make sure you don’t frown

First up, we got a termination agreement template
Get it in Word, and you won’t need to fret

Next, it’s all about that legal research analysis and writing
6th edition, so you’ll be on top, not hiding

Now, if you’re looking to make a move
The legal age to move out in Ontario 2021 is what you’ll prove

And if you’re a landlord, don’t be a stranger
Check out the Duke Energy landlord agreement, and avoid the danger

Business ethics is where it’s at
Get those ethics in business examples, and be a cool cat

So whether it’s USC LOR requirements or updating your Google business info
We got the legal advice, so you’ll be good to go

And if you’re thinking of moving to Israel
The law of return Israel application is where you’ll seal the deal

For all the DA requirements in NSW, we got your back
So you can get through it all, no need to unpack

Don’t forget about those EIS terms and conditions
Keep it all legal, don’t let it get too wild

So there you have it, the legal lowdown in a rap
Get all the info you need, and avoid taking a nap