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Ultimate Guide to Educational App Development 2023

Canva is a graphic design platform that can be used for a variety of purposes, including creating educational materials. Equatio is a powerful equation editor that makes it easy to create digital, accessible maths. It makes maths and science more accessible and engaging for every student. CoWriter helps students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities write more effectively. Genially is a creative platform that allows students to create interactive presentations, infographics, and games. Dreamscape is an augmented reality platform that helps students explore different worlds and learn new things.

Tailoring mobile apps to India’s diverse educational needs, they ushered in the maiden generation of online learning apps. Educational apps have marked a paradigm shift in the way knowledge is imparted and acquired, opening doors to more interactive, personalized, and user-friendly learning experiences. With technological advancements such as AI and adaptive learning, educational apps are reaching new pinnacles of efficacy and engagement, making learning more accessible and enjoyable. In university mobile app development, most learning apps offer certificates of completion.

What are learning apps?

Infinite Painter is a digital painting app that allows students to express their creativity. Books For Kids is a subscription service that gives students access to a library of over 1.5 million children’s books. Most students dread exam preparation because it involves endless re-reading and revising. This isn’t only the most boring way to refresh your knowledge but also the least effective.

Mobile apps provide text-to-speech features for students with speech disabilities. Other apps help learners with motor skills, literacy, numeracy, and social skills, to name but a few. In addition to features, there are things we advise you pay extra attention to if your goal is to build an educational app that will have global success.

How to develop an educational app

A big question for those who plan to develop an e-learning solution or already have one is how to monetize it. We will discuss various monetization strategies, depending on whether you want to monetize the e-learning platform itself, or only the created educational content. Kids love screen time, but if you want your child to do a little less Pokémon chasing and a little more learning, there’s good news. Many of today’s apps for kids are combining technology and education to make learning more engaging, interactive, and fun. A variety of app options means you’ll be able to find solutions that suit your child best. As developers come up with new software frequently, we hope you can use these guidelines as a reference when evaluating educational apps for your family.

  • Tailored experiences, improved engagement, ease of use anywhere and anytime are among a wave of advantages that these applications can provide to education.
  • Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here.
  • Businesses sometimes use LMS as a corporate learning platform, to monitor how employees learn and obtain new skills, and create reports.
  • Video chats are especially useful in language learning, as they allow students to speak with a real person rather than just repeat words and phrases after a recording.
  • My passion for innovation has driven me to experiment with tech-based marketing in the eLearning, Media, and Security sectors.

People require knowledge to pursue better professional opportunities and for their own pleasure. E-learning gives the opportunity to get new skills anytime and anywhere using modern teaching methodologies. Khan Academy is a free online educational resource that covers a variety of topics, including math, science, and history. Capti Voice is a text-to-speech app that can be used by students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. BlocksCAD for Education is a 3D CAD software that allows students to create 3D models. Flat for Education is a 2D CAD software that allows students to create 2D drawings.

Appealing Audio

As long as students have an internet connection, educational apps can make learning available to them whenever and wherever they are. This can help students learn at their convenience and get around regional limitations. Make a list of the key features your app needs to have based on your study and your target market. You could, for instance, include a dashboard where users can monitor their progress, video lectures, interactive tests, or a chat function where they can work together.

Types of Educational Apps

The educational components include letter and word recognition, naming objects, math shapes, and solving puzzles. You can try this plan for free for seven days or opt for ClassDojo’s free educational software plan. LearnWorlds is one of the best learning management systems that help you develop interactive courses that help the students and tutors feel connected.

The Complete Guide to Building Educational Apps in 2023: From Concept to Launch

Mobile applications with advancement of technology have become an integral part of human life. According to forecasts, the education software market will amount worldwide revenues of 7.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. If everything goes as planned, we will see year-on-year growth of over 100 million dollars.

Types of Educational Apps

The mobile learning industry is full of opportunities for both developers and users. According to Statista, educational apps take third place among the most popular categories on the App Store. With the popularity of online learning, educational apps are irreplaceable. They offer you tools to control your learning progress, provide support and resources, and keep you organized. It is one of the well-funded and well-managed eLearning video platforms which has the motto to make learning fun for students.

Choose a development platform:

After settling on all the crucial considerations, choosing an educational app development company is the final step. Indeed, now that you’ve seen how unique educational applications can be, you’d like to get involved in this booming industry? From creating the most effective academic content to creating an app that will go viral and excite young minds, creating an educational app is no easy task. Realising that educational applications strike the perfect harmony between vision and aesthetics is critical. What justifies the development of a mobile learning app for the iPhone or Android platform?

Types of Educational Apps

But if you think about the app’s primary function, you can usually place it into one of the following categories. You invested a lot of time and effort into developing an e-learning app. A high-quality eLearning software that meets your goals and provides value to your customers is what we can help you achieve. Contact the right development team to help bridge the gap between your vision and reality.Go with the flow. Choosing an amateur developer or a business with no prior expertise in building mobile educational applications would be a massive mistake if you were an entrepreneur. Clutch, Upwork, and Toptal are good places to locate a team of competent developers.


If you ever thought about developing your own education app and build a startup around it, now is a right time to do it! By its own, the learning app may seem not so high-grossing product, but this is only a tip of the iceberg. We believe that there’s still place for a great educational application and that you can find your own niche. With a killer feature and great marketing, you’ll be able to attract a growing audience of people who are striving to gain new knowledge online. With exam prep apps, you can practice active recall and use interactive activities. They include quizzes, flashcards, and games that help you assess your knowledge and learn new information.

The remaining $17 million parks and recreation bond will fund the construction and improvement of parks and recreational facilities. It will also fund the acquisition of additional land for educational mobile application development bike and pedestrian paths, as well as improve existing paths and trails. Learning in a gaming format helps to ensure a heightened level of user participation and increases engagement.

While the monetization method is still unclear Duolingo states it has over 100 million active users worldwide. Here is a chart below with top education apps for Q that studens admited as a technology that helped them manage their education. More startups related to education appear and bring new technologies to the learning process every year. Communication tools – if your app is about collaboration, or it has live tutors, you should give users a way to communicate. Tutorial – provide your users with a tutorial to increase engagement and improve user experience.